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The State of The Art

Blogging can be a serious art form – a means of self-expression – a monetary adventure – a labor of love – or whatever you want to make it.

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For myself the past two years starting January 2010 have been a test of my creative endurance.  I invested two years of nose to the grindstone effort to earn the mystical 10,000 status.  This is typically accomplished by devoting four hours a day to something for ten years.  To do it in two years is something I am not sure I want to do again. At least not solo.  But I am glad to have done it and have learned and absorbed and gained a lot of knowledge covering the entire art and science.  And the best part is I am finally beginning to write with a little polish and style.  Wordsmithing  has never been one of my strong points.

The most important lesson I have learned after two years navigating the seas of Web 2.0 is to be appreciative of the art of not being shallow, rude, disrespectful, tacky, and unfair when approaching topics deserving of discussion and criticism.   Good for the soul as well as good for the world.   An effort of goodwill, tolerance, and understanding.  And it can still be difficult to maintain ones composure on occasion when the weather gets rough, and others cross the line and attempt to test your will and resolve to do the right thing.

Entering the third year of this adventure is exciting and challenging.  It is my hope you will be able gain something from your time spent here that will be of enduring and lasting value.

Computer Terminal Blues

Got to get away from those Computer Terminal Blues ♫ ♪♫

Thanks for stopping by The Electronic Vegetable Garden on WordPress.   Based in Kansas City USA.  One of the most frequent questions I hear is – Whats In Kansas City? – so after much thought something came along and the best answer to that question would be . .

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