As for myself I am a musician and performer in heart and soul and jack of many trades who just happened to luck into a gig with Creative Labs Inc.  I blazed trails with Creative from 1994 – 2002. Creative is known as a world leader in Multi Media products and the Sound Blaster audio brand.  Since 2010 I have been engaged in website production and have accumulated close to 10,000 hours engaged in the art and science of producing websites, content, and much more.  Needless to say it has been a wild and extreme two years.

More About Myself …

Independent producer, artist, experimenter, observer of technology, self-styled entrepeneur.  When not doing these things I am engaged in a remarkably non rock and roll lifestyle mowing the lawn, tinkering with the house, and other things that keep life interesting. Okay enough about me. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get some enduring value from your visit.

Interests …

Music, Art, Aviation, Technology, Construction, Nature, Business, and much more.


During the 90’s he was known as the guy with the purple shades and considered by many to be Kansas City’s most popular and likeable Tech Rep. “I was the rep in this area. I assisted in developing and managing Creative’s retail accounts, trained various resellers and distributors in Creatives latest Sound Blaster multimedia technologies, and delivered public demonstrations at various venues throughout the year as well.  The best part of the whole experience was getting to meet and work with so many outstanding people, and to have played a role in bringing the personal computing era into the mainstream.”


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